• Adam holds the big bell for his team's major API release at SXSW.


  • Adam is now the Director of Engineering at Infochimps! He'll be leading a team of 10+ engineers and data scientists to adventure and riches on the high seas of big data.


  • Adam recently finished spending a few days with Food on the Table, tuning their machine learning algorithms and building some new user interfaces for data cleansing.
  • Tiff's Treats has had some exciting data analysis opportunities recently, and is focused on growing their forecasting capabilities.


  • Adam is now a PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)!


  • This week there was an opportunity to release a bit of work Adam has been doing for CheapTweet in open source at github. The code is for a rewrite of Bayes Motel, a bayesian classifier, adding a layer for MongoDB and in-memory persistence, batching and some more production-oriented validation.
  • Tiff's Treats is in the bunker, working on a major accounting update coming next month.


  • Appozite continues to gain momentum. Closely following last month's CheapTweet upgrade, yesterday they announced the public release of TweetReach and a partnership with Futureworks.
  • Tiff's Treats also got an upgrade to their online ordering site this month, and hosted a successful Groupon promotion.
  • Box of Tweets has a prototype online, doing full text analysis on twitter users to recommend gift ideas that the service mines from Twitter.